“Illness is the night-side of life, a more onerous citizenship.  Everyone who is born holds a dual citizenship, in the kingdom of the well and the kingdom of the sick.  Although we prefer to use only the good passport, sooner or later each of us is obliged, at least for a spell, to identify ourselves as citizens of that other place.”    – Susan Sontag, Illness as a Metaphor

My Sick Passport is now stamped with B-Cell CLL/SLL Lymphoma – a Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  What is it exactly?

“Chronic clllymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) are cancers that affect the same lymphocytes. CLL and SLL are essentially the same disease, the only difference being where the cancer primarily occurs. When most of the cancer cells are located in the bloodstream and the bone marrow, the disease is referred to as CLL, although the lymph nodes and spleen are often involved. When the cancer cells are located mostly in the lymph nodes, the disease is called SLL.”

The Lymphoma Research Foundation is the site Tee has used to understand this disease. She’s been carefully sharing the information with me as I am ready.  A few additional helpful sites:

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