Hope College Students & Friends….

The final exams are graded, all my grades are turned in…and I woke up yesterday realizing that for the first time in my adult life…I will have no more classes to prepare for, no meetings to attend ūüėĪ….. All that’s left is my humble attempt to say THANK YOU….to you the people I have hadContinue reading “Hope College Students & Friends….”

Saying it: Farewell…AuRevoir…Adios…Cheerio……..

….but never really saying “goodbye.” Either way…tomorrow I begin the official period of saying “this is the last time I’ll do that.” Teach that class. Go to that meeting. Advise students. Teach a May Term….the list goes on and on. It’s official. I will be retiring at the end of this academic year! (Technically, I’llContinue reading “Saying it: Farewell…AuRevoir…Adios…Cheerio……..”

Liverpool, England: The “Farewell Tour” Begins…

Okay, okay….if you are one of my UK friends….you know this picture isn’t actually from Liverpool. But here’s the thing…I don’t take very many pictures and this is one of the few “scenic” types I have from the UK – so close enough. (The other one I was going to use was from a beautifulContinue reading “Liverpool, England: The “Farewell Tour” Begins…”

Seriously? A Crock Pot!?!

Okay….full disclosure….this blog post has almost nothing to do with crock pots.¬† I was just sitting here thinking about how to start this….And since I’m also still in shock about this week’s episode of “This Is Us”….all I can seem to think about is crock pots.¬† And there you have it.¬† A cheap shot titleContinue reading “Seriously? A Crock Pot!?!”

“Toxic” and “Biohazard” – and that’s the treatment!

Spoiler Alert: ¬†Treatment is WORKING! I am now five weeks into treatment. ¬†The first day started with swallowing three pills from a medicine container with two color coded labels. ¬†The bright yellow one said “toxic.” ¬†The bright orange indicated the contents should be treated as a “biohazard.” ¬†Comforting. ¬†(For those who don’t know me well…readContinue reading ““Toxic” and “Biohazard” – and that’s the treatment!”

Treatment. It Begins…

I haven’t written in a long time. ¬†I was hoping it would be even longer. ¬†(Never would have been fine.) ¬†However…..my cancer has progressed and treatment is about to commence (a fancy way of saying “0h crap! This can can not be good.”) So, time for an update. Some quick background might be helpful. ¬†IContinue reading “Treatment. It Begins…”