Saying it: Farewell…AuRevoir…Adios…Cheerio……..

For the full effect….click on the background music….as hey, it only took me an hour to figure out how to get it loaded here! No pressure.

….but never really saying “goodbye.” Either way…tomorrow I begin the official period of saying “this is the last time I’ll do that.” Teach that class. Go to that meeting. Advise students. Teach a May Term….the list goes on and on. It’s official. I will be retiring at the end of this academic year! (Technically, I’ll be on a year of sabbatical next year and then officially retire….details, details…)

How do I feel? Depends on when you ask me. I think it is fair to say that I am truly beginning to understand the term “bittersweet.” In fairness, I won’t miss meetings (most), paperwork, etc….but I can hardly stand the thought of not seeing and working with Hope students and some really amazing colleagues. But I have always believed that it is important to leave something when you love it. I am following that belief…..

What will I do? Although I am retiring from a career I have loved…I am confident that I am retiring to new opportunities – travel, writing, more time with family and friends, cleaning the house (just kidding!)… get the idea.

Is this because of the cancer? Nope. I just had my most recent tests and those little chemo pills continue to do their job and I am feeling well. Am I perhaps hoping to capture as much of that feel good time as possible during retirement? Okay….fair enough.

As the song says….To everything there is a season. It’s apparently time for that new season to begin. (I am calling it Spring by the way. People often see retirement as Winter. How depressing! Nah…..Spring it is…..)

That’s it friends. Word has begun to seep out and I wanted to be the first to tell all of you if possible…..

So….let’s go with the Hawaiian approach: ALOHA – meaning hello and goodbye…..